International Hospitality Protocol for 'Premium VIP' Guests

Hotel Protocol

Executing the international code for etiquette and manners, implementing advanced standards of service and providing an upgrade for organizational excellence. Personal and group plans for executives, managers, and staff.

Restaurant Protocol

Personal and group programs provided for restaurant managers, executives, and staff for implementation of VIP elite standard of service and hospitality based on the international code for hospitality etiquette and service.

Event Protocol

Protocol for implementation of VIP elite standards for luxury and VIP events for private, formal, and non-formal events created for VIP guests. Personal and group programs for event production managers and staff are provided.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

Americam Poet & writer-Maya Angelou

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Chefs as Agents of Change

Restaurants are Institutes which function is twofold: providing a solution to hunger and a place for social entertainment. The usual convention is that any political matter should remain outside the restaurant door.

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Africa hotel growth

Africa: A snapshot of the hotel industry

The Marriott International Hotel chain has large plans in Africa. At this stage, the program includes 93 new hotels with 17,708 rooms of various types, almost half of which are already under development and construction.

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