- Event Protocol -

Protocol for implementation of VIP elite standards for luxury and VIP events for private, formal, and non-formal events created for VIP guests. Personal and group programs for event production managers and staff are provided, based on the international code for hospitality etiquette and service.

Event protpcol overview

VIP event production protocol is created for elite event production companies and executives who regularly produces events for executive, VIP-level guests and covers all touch points with the clients. The protocol, based on the IBL Code by Tami Lancut Leibovitz, is a tool that guarantee the highest standard of hospitality while hosting events for VIP executives, diplomats, celebrities, and upscale guests and it contributes to an organizational excellence and success.


Our complete list of event production hospitality matters is based on the International Business Language by Tami Lancut Leibovitz. The international restaurant protocol covers all subject matters and materials in the field and all aspects of service and hospitality within a luxury event production setting, all content customized for each company’s individual process and needs.

Customized solutions

We offer a variety of VIP event production programs, custom-fit to the highest standards in the market and to each event production company individual demands and requirements, addressing specific weaknesses and strengths, characters, and requirements as well as a specific event needs. Starting with the initial preparation and design stage as well as the unique VIP setting, we work closely with event producers to guarantee a successful implementation of the process across the board.