- Hotel Protocol -

We work towards executing the international code for etiquette and manners, implementing advanced standards of service and providing an upgrade for organizational excellence from within. We offer personal and group plans for hotel executives, managers, and staff.

What is hotel protocol?

Hotel protocol is a practical knowledge service and hosting guide to be used in all client touch point throughout the hotel. It’s based on the IBL Code – The International Business Language developed by Tami Lancut Leibovitz.

Implementing the protocol within upper management and overall staff guarantees personal and organizational excellence as well as high standards of hotel hospitality.

Hotel hospitality knowledge guide

Our complete list of hotel hospitality matters is based on the International Business Language by Tami Lancut Leibovitz.

The international hotel protocol covers all subject matters and materials in the field and all aspects of service and hospitality within a luxury hotel setting, customized for each hotel individual process and needs.

Customized solution for each hotel needs

We offer a variety of programs and plans, custom-fit to the highest standards in the market and to each hotel individual demands and requirements, addressing its weaknesses and strengths, its characters, and requirements as well as the executive’s vision. Starting with the initial preparation and design stage as well as the unique VIP setting, we work closely with upper executives and management to guarantee a successful implementation.